Lead Work

We offer a full range of lead work from stepped flashings to decorative lead work, all onsite welding by our trained staff, and flat roof overlays to your chimney lead trays.

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All roofing lead work on hips, valleys, flat roofs and pitch roofs is carried out by our highly trained staff in lead dressing and welding on extensive properties throughout the West Country.

Roofing leadwork is used mainly to stop rainwater from entering junctions between roof elements and to channel water off a building. It also has decorative uses.
Did you know that lead work on your roof is equally as important as the roof covering itself? Have you ever noticed a stain on the ceiling and had a look for broken tiles but cannot see anything to blame? It is probably down to the lead flashings!
Over many years in this field, Ridge Roofing has experienced on a number of occasions where faulty lead work is causing roof leaks not the tiles as expected!
From lead roofs, step flashing, cover flashing or decorative bays we make sure your lead is correctly installed, dressed and pointed potentially saving you unnecessary worry and expense in the future.
Advice and quotations can be provided for anything from a repair to a complete lead re-roof. Just give us a call!

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