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Light dome fitting (sun tunnels)

Light roof dome’s & sun tubes/tunnels are a great way of providing natural daylight to dark rooms. They will transform a dark or windowless room into an area full of natural light and energy.

What is a sun tunnel and how do they work?

A sun tunnel is a fantastic addition to an area of your home where it hasn’t been possible for natural light to get to before. They channel sunlight from your roof, down a highly reflective tube into the necessary room below. Sun tunnels can be installed on a pitched roof or on a flat roof extension to allow daylight to flood the rooms where it’s most required.

What options are available for a sun tunnel?

The sun tunnel itself is available in either flexible or rigid option. Both have their own benefits which outweigh the other, and should help you choose which would be perfect for your home.

Rigid sun tunnels – the better of the two available, rigid sun tubes give you a better light transmittance than the flexible sun tunnel. Rigid sun tunnels allow for the light to channel down the tube from roof to ceiling in a direct motion. The less the light bounces off the internal surface of the tube, the more natural light you will get in the required room. Rigid sun tunnels can offer up to 20m of effective light distribution.

Flexible sun tunnels – the low cost solution for adding natural light. Perfect for shorter distances, the flexible tube allows you to negotiate around obstructions in the roof space. VELUX flexible sun tunnels can be installed up to a recommended length of 6m. Due to the build of the flexible tube, light will reflect less in a flexible sun tunnel, effectively directing the light away from its required destination, resulting in less light reaching the required room.

Rounded dome or flat glass cover?

Some sun tunnels have a dome that sits on top of the roof, whereas others have a flat glass panel. The panels are stylish, almost flush with the roof and can be installed to match existing windows. Domes look the part, sitting proudly above the tiles/slates and standing out as a feature on your roof.

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