Asbestos to Slate

A recent asbestos to slate project we completed

Slating an old asbestos sheet roof
On this job at Hemyock, Devon near Wellington and Honiton we were asked to remove an asbestos sheet roof from a property and replace it with a slate roof. The customer also required us to re-render parts of the property and fit a couple of light domes to allow natural sunlight to reach parts or the house that windows were not suitable for.
The job would not raise the roof pitch so planning permission was not needed we did however carry out all works under building control. This roofing job was a complicated one as you can some the pictures. The main problem was that the roof was out of square by a long way and that much of the existing timber was rotten including the roof plates, roof joists and perlins.
First we expose the loft by removing the asbestos sheets
Another complication was that chimney area was a crumbling mess and needed extra remedial work to help support the roof and stablise the wall. Some felting and battening could then take place. The wall was some five feet thick.

The roof plate was not level and needed extensive work to level it.

Much of the existing roofs timbers needed replacing a we insulated as we went.

Slating an old asbestos roof

Slating an old asbestos roof and fitting light domes at Hemyock Wellington Devon continued

The customer also wanted a couple of Light Domes fitted which would bring natural sunlight to parts of the property that could not have a conventional window fitted. The pictures below show the light domes being installed as the roof is slated.

The resulting light from an installed Light Dome

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Slating an old asbestos sheet roof at Hemyock near Honiton Devon just over the Somerset border continued.

This old roof was so out of true the only way to obtain a straight edge was to lay the slates and then cut them to a plumb line.

All soffit’s and facias are painted and the nails are sunken and filled over to hide them.

Slating an old asbestos sheet roof at Hemyock near Honiton Devon just over the Somerset boarder continued.
Ridge roofing also renewed all the guttering, slated the porch and rendered some of the walls which the customer wanted to paint themselves at a later date. We also completed all the lead work. We also painted the walls above roof level.
The guttering below had to be redirected because the neighbour actually owned the roof it could have ran down so at their request we redirect the pipes to avoid their roof.
The chimney lead work
The finished roofs and porch
Another happy customer this time in Hemyock Devon

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