Slating & Tiling

From replacing one slate, one tile to a complete re-roof using many types of roofing products.

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On the market today there are a variety of products which will give your property the perfect desired look! These include Natural Slate, Manmade Slate, Plain, Concrete & Clay Tiles. Advice can be given about each product and estimates can be prepared accordingly.
The slate roofing tiles are generally known as one of the highest quality, longest lasting roofing materials on the market. Natural slate is sustainable, long-lasting and beautiful.

Natural slate has many benefits as follows:

  • a lifespan of up to 150 years
  • can endure extreme temperatures
  • is snow- and fire-resistant
  • is fully waterproof
  • as a mineral product, natural slate is not subject to any chemical processes during products

Man-made Alternatives

Man-made products lack the durability and charm of their natural counterparts. However, they are an affordable alternative and so are widely used. Manufactured to consistent size, shape, texture and colour, they can create a uniform, smart finish.
Consistency also means they can be laid single bond and still provide watertight protection (unlike natural slates, which are typically laid in a double-lapping bond) and, coupled with the convenience of pre-drilled holes, makes installation far easier, saving time and money.

Concrete slates and slates manufactured from reconstituted slate dust are both viable options. Clay-based slates are another option and offer good resilience to the elements. Fibre-cement slates are made from cement, organic fibres and mineral additives and they are ideal for:

  • complex designs
  • steep roof pitches
  • for roofs where a lightweight solution is required (copper rivets are usually required to keep this lighter material in place).
  • Unlike natural slate, however, weathering may expose the base colour of both concrete and fibre-cement slates over time.

Roofing Tiles

Marley Eternit has done more than most other manufacturers to shape the roofscape of modern Britain. From familiar regional styles to the radically modern, urban or rural, new build or refurbishment, Marley Eternit can offer a comprehensive selection of complete pitched roofing solutions.
Marley Eternit has many years of experience in the roofing industry with a wide range of tiles and slates from the more traditional clay tiles the more modern fibre cement slates and concrete tiles.

Tiling and Slating Projects